As a child, I often found myself doodling, coloring, and reading the same picture books over and over again.  I carried my knack for creativity into adulthood and still have a passion for children’s stories and the infinite potential of the imagination.  My love of children’s literature comes through very strongly in my work with whimsy, fantasy, humor, and references to well-known and loved stories from childhood.  In fact, most of my influence comes from my favorite children’s authors and Illustrators such as Maurice Sendak, Charles Santore, and Lane Smith. I enjoy bringing stories to life for children as well as using the themes of childhood tales to evoke emotions in adults.  Though I mostly present fun, colorful images I sometimes delve into the darker themes that can be associated with things we often perceive as innocent on the surface.

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As a child, I often found myself programming computers! When my family got its first computer, a Macintosh Classic, I became obsessed with creating games. My first was created with HyperCard, a program not unlike PowerPoint, but with more scripting flexibility. Now, I write computational physics software for a living, but I still have a passion for making games.

Erin and I have been collaborating ever since we first met in 2006, starting with a series of t-shirts. Erin first hand painted all of her shirts, but we soon purchased a silk screen and eventually set up an online store through Spreadshirt. Our original store is still up! Erin also sells prints of her artwork though American Frame and several children's books through Lulu and Publish America.

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